WATCH: Jerry Jones calls ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith a ‘fraud’, closeted Cowboys fan

Everyone knows that there is no love between Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s executive director, and the Dallas Cowboys. Since First Take, he has been teasing the franchise and enjoying their failures in recent years. Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner, reacted strongly to his appearance today on the show.

Jones joined Smith at the desk and even accused him of being a fraud. He claims that Stephen A. is a Cowboys fan deep down.

“I want him there, the prodigal son. We’ll let him right back in…What I’m saying is deep down you’re a fraud! You’re a real Cowboy fan!” said Jones. “We’re in the hot sun, we’re having a walk through in here today and we’ve got thousands of fans out here. And I know they’re not here to watch Stephen A.!”

Smith, a New Yorker, has shared a divisional beef with Jones, the Cowboys, for many years. In recent seasons, he has poked fun at their fanbase. Smith then asked Jones about Dallas’ early season matchups for 2022, suggesting that the Cowboys might struggle to get started. Jones continued the conversation, disregarding Smith’s view on Dallas’ early slate.

“Let’s see here. How much sleep should I lose whether he’s got us 3-3 or 4-2? Let me talk about some real problems,” said Jones.

Jones was able to play up to the throng of Dallas fans who were there to watch all the action unfold. Although it’s only a brief moment in the long feud between Stephen A. Jones and the Cowboys this is undoubtedly one of the most memorable.

The latest details about Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith’s Hamstring Injury revealed that it is more serious than originally thought.

Smith was injured in a non-contact accident on Wednesday and left practice field. The NFL insiders claimed Thursday that Smith sustained an avulsion fracture. This is a rupture of the tendon in the hamstring and the bone behind his knee. Smith tore his left leg hamstring, but it also broke away from the bone.

Smith may be able to have the avulsion fracture repaired as soon as possible. Although he will see doctors on Thursday, the timeline for Smith’s return is not realistic.

Ian Rapoport shared, “If he’s ever back at all it’ll be December.”

This former USC Trojan was just recovering from an ankle injury he sustained during a joint practice against the Denver Broncos.

Although Tyron Smith has been a eight-time Pro Bowl selection, he’s had many injuries over the course of his career. Since 2015, he hasn’t played in a full season. Since 2015, he has suffered a variety of injuries to his knees, ankles, neck, elbows. Due to neck surgery, he missed 14 games in 2020 and six last season because of an ankle injury and COVID.

The Cowboys will continue to bring in former Tulsa offensive linesman Tyler Smith. Smith was the No. 24th overall pick in 2022 NFL Draft.

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