WATCH: Diggs INT, Elliott hurdle key Cowboys’ 1st lead of game

The Lions made it clear that they were aware of the dangers of Trevon Diggs and the Dallas pass rush throughout the first half. Jared Goff was kept out of trouble by a heavy dose of run and quick passes.

Detroit took the ball at midfield in the second quarter and looked poised to extend their lead. However, Goff took his first major risk by testing Diggs. Diggs caught the ball for Cowboys, a feat that has been repeated often.

This was Diggs’ third season-high interception and gave Dallas momentum. Ezekiel Elliott, running back, jumped a hurdle and made an 18-yard gain to move the drive along.

Two plays later, Tony Pollard, running back for the Cowboys joined the party and made a 28-yard gain that drove the Cowboys into red zone.

The Dallas run game continued driving, and the Elliott touchdown run capped off the drive to take the lead for Week 7.

Zack Martin and Terence Steele, offensive linemen, were the stars of the drive. They opened up lanes for Elliott to scurry through and made it possible for Pollard and Pollard to pass. The Cowboys took a 10-6 lead at AT&T Stadium in the second half.

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