Watch: Cowboys Star Takes Punch to Face from Chargers DL During Tense Practice

The Dallas Cowboys’ initial joint practice with Denver Broncos, was very chippy. It seems that the team’s collaboration with the Los Angeles Chargers is no different.

Joint practices can lead to arguments or fights which is part and parcel of the goal to build competitive energy and prepare for the long and difficult NFL season. The latest dispute at a Cowboys practice is between Terence Steele, a Dallas tackle, and Sebastian Joseph-Day, a Chargers defensive lineman.

The altercation was filmed by Michael Gehlken , a Dallas Morning News reporter. Steele continued to block Steele’s view after the whistle. Joseph-Day then connects with Steele’s helmet and throws another punch.

Steele grabs Joseph-Day’s fist and walks closer to him to speak up. The incident was over and the teams returned to their respective huddles.

The Cowboys’ viewpoint is split. Although it is not encouraged to engage in fights, some supporters feel that Steele should have retaliated.

@REALANTOINEFAIR explains that Steele’s Chargers defender was not disciplined or dismissed by his team. A Cowboy fan believes that they are the only ones who must follow “the rules.”

The user wrote, “And chargers coach did not do anything huh… because we are the only ones that have to follow rules.”

@AlanAdkins meanwhile used an old quote by an offensive line coach as a way to explain how Steele emerged from the situation victorious.

“As an OL you know that you are doing your job when it frustrates and even pisses off the DL. A fan shared the phrase, “DL frustration is like whip cream and cherry on top of your satisfaction sundae,” which an OL coach used to call it.

Some fans wanted Steele back to fight. @Childd_plzz stated, “my cowboys are soft”, while @2BDix echoed the sentiment.

“I’m not sure how to feel about the lack of response.. I mean, you won the rep to do your talk with the play, but then took a punch,” replied the Cowboys fan.

Steele was able to avoid any major fight by not fighting back. These moments could lead to injury or suspensions. It does, however, seem to be a calm response to an opponent punching you in the face.
Steele was an undrafted-free agent who was added by the Cowboys after the 2020 NFL Draft. No one thought that Steele would play in 14 games as rookie. Steele seized the opportunity presented by injuries.

In 2021, he continued his rookie success and started 13 games. This forced Dallas to make difficult decisions with Tyron Smith at left tackle as well as La’el Collins right tackle. Steele was able to play a lot last season because Collins was suspended and Smith sustained an injury.

Now Collins has been released. Dallas has committed fully to Steele for the position of starting right tackle. The team will place greater demands on Collins, the offensive lineman at 25 years old, than ever before.


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