Watch: Kansas City Chiefs Safety Makes 65-Yard Field Goal In Practice

Although it isn’t a common occurrence for other players than punters or placekickers to kick during NFL games it is always notable. If the NFL ever needs a double-duty player to kick field goals, they may have found it.

Chiefs safety Justin Reid tried his hand at kick a field goal today during Kansas City Chiefs practice. He used a tee as a guide and lined up to drill a 65-yard field goals.

If this were a kick in an NFL game, it would be second longest after Justin Tucker’s 66-yarder against the Detroit Lions.

In just minutes, the clip had over 1,600 views. Already, fans are weighing in on how impressive or unimpressive the feat was.

One fan joked that “I would 100% become an idiot once I could no longer play safety,”

“Off the ground is impressive. My longest ever was 60 off a tee. Couldn’t get much longer than 45 off the ground,” wrote another.

A third fan said, “This is one the most impressive things that I’ve ever seen.”

Justin Reid has a history of being a kicker. He was a soccer player in high school, and he served as an emergency kicker for Houston Texans last year.

Reid has many talents. For this month’s competition, placekicker Harrison Butker needs to be on his guard.

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