Von Miller Send Strong Message To Dallas Cowboys About Micah Parsons

The Dallas Cowboys have had a great season. The Cowboys are currently at the top of the NFC East division. They have already had 10 wins and three losses in 14 weeks of NFL football.

Micah Parsons is a significant reason why Cowboys are where and what they can do to be a threat to other leagues. In a recent episode of The Voncast the Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Von Miller highlighted that Parsons’ presence alone greatly improves the Cowboys defense.

Miller jokes that he can see Parsons getting a huge deal from the Cowboys in the future (h/t Jon Machota, The Athletic).

“You changed (the Cowboys’) whole defense, just one drop of Micah Parsons and it goes crazy, like one of the best defenses in the league. When it’s time to pay you … you might get your own team. You’ll be playing for the Arlington Micah Parsons.”

Parsons is a disruptive force in defense. Parsons has already recorded 12 sacks in 2022, which is tied for third in all of the NFL’s current season. The Cowboys are now a top-five defense team with Parsons, who allows just 17.6 points per game and only 310.9 yards per match — which is third and fifth, respectively. The Cowboys also rank No. The Cowboys are also No. 1 in the league, with a 10.48% defensive sack rate.

Parsons signed a four year deal with the Cowboys for just $17million back in 2021. There is also a fifth-year option.

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