Von Miller Reveals How The Cowboys Could Have Gotten Him

Von Miller signed with the Buffalo Bills and will be hoping that he is once more the missing ingredient in leading a championship contender to glory.

After a Super Bowl victory with the Los Angeles Rams last year, the star edge rusher signed a six-year contract worth up to $120million with the Bills. The guaranteed amount is $51.4 million.

According to The Athletic’s Dan Pompei the Dallas Cowboys offered him a five-year contract worth $70 million. Randy Gregory originally agreed to it before Miller signed the same contract with the Denver Broncos.

Miller would have joined America’s Team even at a discount if the money was more than the huge payday he received from Buffalo.

“I told them I was ready to come to the Cowboys,” Miller said. “I would have taken less to go to Dallas because it’s Dallas. But I wouldn’t take that much less.”

Miller was also interested in a return to Denver. Miller told the Broncos during the Rams’ playoff run that he would return if they acquired Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers.

Miller claimed that they did not reach out to Wilson after they met at the Seattle Seahawks.

Miller was “90% certain” that he would stay with the Rams. He won a championship in his first season after recording four postseason tackles. The Bills offered Miller a longer contract and an additional guaranteed year.

Pompei was told by Miller that “this place chose me.” “Buffalo chose me. It’s been trying to pick me for all these years.”

Miller will be looking to reap immediate benefits when he opens the 2022 NFL Season at SoFi Stadium, where he will face the Rams. The 33-year old hopes to complete his six-year contract.

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