Video Shows How Dak Prescott Cut His Eye On Sunday

Dak Prescott arrived to the postgame press conference with an unknown gash under his right eye after cruising to a victory over Atlanta, 43-3. Prescott smiled and attributed the injury to CeeDee Lamb, second-year receiver.

Prescott stated Sunday, “Yeah…I come off of the field after the second touchdown…I put my helmet down.” I then see CeeDee passing me so I hug him and tell him how great he is. He thinks I have my helmet so he leans in and does the helmet tap. But it’s okay. I’m tough. You heard me.”

Inside The NFL published footage Tuesday of Lamb’s sideline mishap. Prescott, who has a reputation for being one of the league’s greatest leaders and colleagues, manages it with grace.

Prescott laughed with Lamb, “I’m going to have a dark eye, but it’ll be alright.” “As long he catches it.”

The Dallas franchise quarterback managed to stay on the field without any injury. Prescott made a huge hit at the goal line during a third-quarter touchdown run. According to Prescott, the shot was made by his own receiver.

Prescott stated, “Yeah. I mean the hardest hit was CeeDee on sidelines. So I’ll be fine.”


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