Video: Refs Appeared To Miss Huge Call In Cowboys vs. Cardinals

Today, the Dallas Cowboys lost 25-22 to Arizona Cardinals in a game that saw a huge fourth quarter comeback fail. The Cowboys could have won that game if they had looked at a late play.

The Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds attempted to sprint up the left sidelines in search of a first down with 1:58 remaining. After the run, however, it seemed that the ball was out and was retrieved by the Cowboys.

The sideline referee, however, called Edmonds down by touch and repeatedly pointed out that Edmonds was on the ground. The Cowboys were unable to challenge the play because the officials refused to review it.

It looks like Dallas was robbed. Replay suggests that Emonds’ limbs might have been millimeters off the ground when the ball was released.

Judge for yourself. Was this a fumble or not?

Cowboys fans are divided on whether the incident was a fumble. Even Skip Bayless, a diehard Cowboys fan, said that the team was robbed.


The Cowboys could have tied the game or won it if they had not lost a ball.

The Cardinals managed to beat the clock and win the game.

Dallas has been dropped to the fourth spot in the NFC. They are most likely to be locked in that spot, which would place them on a collision course with the Cardinals in just two weeks.

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