Video: Old Touchdown Throw From Troy Aikman Going Viral

Troy Aikman was a cannon-arm player during his playing days. A viral video shows it.

Aikman was No. After a successful career at UCLA, Aikman was the Dallas Cowboys’s first overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. After a strong career at UCLA, he became the Cowboys’ starting quarterback for 12 more years. He retired after the 2000 season.

Aikman was one of the greatest arms ever seen in football during his prime. To prove his point, a NFL fan found an old video clip.

Have a look.

Troy Aikman was just a few yards from his own end-zone, and he made a perfect catch around the 50 yard line. He didn’t put too much air under the ball, either. This was a fastball by the ex-Cowboys quarterback.

Aikman was not always available to Dallas, however. He’s one of the greatest players in the history of the organization.

Aikman was a part of some of the greatest teams in NFL history but he does not believe that “super teams” are possible in today’s NFL.

For example, the Rams. They are a team with all the talent. They don’t look like a Super Bowl candidate, however.

Aikman said that they have discussed it, the all-star team was just — I’ve never seen it in the NFL,” Aikman stated to 1310 “The Ticket” Tuesday . “I believe Washington tried it back there in ’99. It’s just not something I have ever seen.

It would have been great to see Troy Aikman playing for a Super Team in the NFL. He was certainly a strong athlete.

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