Video: Jimmy Johnson Makes His Opinion On Dak Prescott Very Clear

Recent performances by Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott have been inconsistent. Prescott has only thrown five interceptions and four touchdowns in his last four games.

It is unclear if this is just a slump or a result of Prescott’s calf injury which kept him out of two games this year. Cowboys fans hope Prescott will recover in time to play in the postseason, regardless of the explanation.

Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson has clear views on Prescott’s potential to win the Super Bowl with Dallas. You can’t expect him as the leader of the team to win a championship.

Johnson stated today on “The Herd,” that Dak can win you a championship, if there are good players around him. They’ve suffered some injuries in the running game. They aren’t running the football as well this year as they were a year ago. Dak is very good when they run the football, play-action passes. He’s not as skilled when he has to look around and see the entire field.

“He can win you the championship, but you have to get your running game back.”

This seems to me like Johnson is selling Prescott short. Over the past couple of years, Dak has proven that he is much more than the “game manager” that he was when he entered the league.

Dallas’ running game must be functioning effectively in the playoffs. It also needs to support its defense and pass attack. We are still optimistic about Dak’s ability and willingness to carry a heavy offense load when he needs to.

It doesn’t take many bad games to make that feel better.

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