Video: Jaylen Watson’s pick-six of Justin Herbert unlike any other INT in last 3 seasons

Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers put the Kansas City Chiefs to the test Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium. They didn’t look like their dominant selves during the contest. They were struggling to keep up until Jaylen Watson, Chiefs rookie cornerback, announced his existence to all of football with an interception at goal line. He took it to the house for 99 yard.

Next Gen Stats shows that Jaylen Watson’s pick-six caused the greatest shift in winning probabilities among all pick sixes during the past three seasons.

“The Chiefs win probability jumped from 31% to 85% as a result of Watson’s pick six of Justin Herbert, a 54% increase, the biggest win probability swing on a pick six over the last three seasons.”

Jaylen Watson was an unknown when he woke on Thursday morning. The Chiefs selected him in the seventh round 2022 NFL Draft. Jaylen Watson was the first to see his name on the board. Jaylen Watson was one of 242 names that were called in the draft. He is now considered to be one of the most entertaining players ever to play in a Thursday Night Football match.

Watson’s incredible story is also highlighted by his thievery in the end zone. Dane Brugler from The Athletic reports that Jaylen Watson was at Wendy’s looking for a job and wondering if there was still a place for him in football.

This is a fantastic story from a great game.

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