Video: Hilarious Mike McCarthy Press Conference Moment Is Going Viral

Mike McCarthy has hilarious exchange with reporter at press conference


The way that the 2020 season has been going for the Dallas Cowboys, it was about time that someone in the organization could enjoy a nice laugh.


Thanks to a 2-5 start, head coach Mike McCarthy’s job security has been in question since the team lost to the Washington Football Team 25-3 on Sunday. The seat is slowly warming up each day as the Cowboys prepare to take on the 2-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, a game that will determine who will take first place in the division.


In reality, McCarthy is facing a must win game, so tensions are running high. However, during Thursday’s press conference, one reporter made the situation loosen up.


One reporter posed a long and complicated question to McCarthy. Towards the end of the question, another reporter spoke up with disgust. Without muting his microphone on the Zoom call, the reporter says, “God…..”


McCarthy responded with a laugh saying, “I guess they liked the question?” All the reporters laughed. The reporter who asked the question said, “I didn’t think it was that bad.” McCarthy responded by saying, “I just want everyone to know that wasn’t me.”


McCarthy finished the exchange by saying that he forgot the original question.


For someone that has been under a microscope the last two weeks, it’s nice to see McCarthy enjoy a press conference for once.


NFL Network’s Jane Slater reports that many players on the roster are slamming the coaching staff has been a hot topic as of recently. “Totally unprepared,” was described by an anonymous player on the Cowboys told Slater. “They don’t teach. They don’t have any sense of adjusting on the fly.”Slater also reported that players are slamming the coaching staff, stating “the coaches are not good at their jobs.”


At least McCarthy was able to get a good laugh this week.


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