Video: Derek Carr gives hot take on Dallas Cowboys following Raiders win

Following the thrilling overtime win by the Raiders against the Cowboys (36-33), Derek Carr, Las Vegas’ quarterback, was overwhelmed with gratitude. He had glowing words to say about his opponent in his post-game interview.

The video below is from the interview with Wolfson.


“This is one of my favorite football teams in all eight years. They’re extremely talented, but they’re not at their full potential. They have a great team. They have some great players, but I’m thankful for the guys who played today,” Carr stated.

The most amazing thing about the Dallas Cowboys offense is that they scored 33 points on Thursday night, despite having only two of the top receivers in the league- Amari cooper and CeeDee lamb. Dak Prescott threw for more than 200 yards in the fourth quarter, even though he was without his best receivers. He completed 32 of 47 passes (68.1%) for 375 yards and threw two touchdown passes.

Prescott made an incredible strike to close out Dalton Schultz in the final minutes of the game. This tied the game at 30-30 after the two-point conversion. It was evident that the Cowboys’ signal-caller has a great relationship with his fast tight end, and it continued on Thursday night. Prescott was connected to Schultz via a stunning 31-yard dime that took him up the middle field for the touchdown.

The Cowboys’ pass attack has been absolutely explosive all season and many had expected it to be this way long before the season. They rank second in the league with 3,335 passing yards. They currently share the lead in offensive touchdowns with 39.

Thursday night, the Cowboys’ receivers Michael Gallup as well as Cedrick WILSON were hugely productive. Both players racked up over 100 receiving yards against Raiders.

This is the epic dime Prescott tossed down to Gallup’s left sideline in the fourth quarter.

Prescott really just dropped the one in a bucket for his receiver, where no other could.

It’s clear that this Cowboys team will be extremely dangerous if they can get 100% healthy for the playoffs. Despite losing three of their four previous games, there’s plenty of weaponry both on the offensive and defensive sides.

You can see the weapons all around the football, with players like Micah Parsons or Trevon diggs dominating the defensive side.


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