Video: Dallas Cowboys Had Rough Two-Minute Drill With Chargers That Ended With A Sack & Dak Prescott Throwing An INT

The Cowboys will be on the West Coast for Round 2 preseason game.

Dallas traveled 60 miles to Los Angeles, California, where they spent the last few weeks at training camp.

The two teams practiced together before the game.

The latest reports from the practice show that the Cowboys offense didn’t look great during a two-minute drive by Dak Prescott and his company.

“Cowboys’ 2-minute drill quickly fails.” Michael Gehlken, a Cowboys insider, said that Khalil Mack, Chargers OLB, gets the first-down sack. “Mack is back in the backfield on second down as Dak Prescott’s pass bounces off of RB Ezekiel Elliott and OLB Kyle Van Noy, for interception.”

The Cowboys have a Division title and a record of 12-5 in 2021, but they lost key players such as Randy Gregory and Amari cooper.

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