Troy Aikman Has Major Trade Suggestion For Dallas Cowboys

If Troy Aikman were¬† Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, he would have made a major trade before the NFL trade deadline.

The ESPN analyst suggested that the team should trade for a wide receiver in a recent interview with TMZ. D.J. Moore, Chase Claypool, and Brandin Cooks were all mentioned by the analyst. Moore were suggested as potential targets.

Here is what he said via TMZ

“I do know you better have some offense in today’s NFL if you’re gonna win games,” the Hall of Fame QB tells us. “The way you have offense is you have weapons and you gotta have more than one or two.”

Aikman acknowledged that the team was hurt by the loss of Amari Cooper, whom they traded to the Cleveland Browns.

“Could they use another weapon? Yeah,” he told us. “I think when they lost Amari Cooper this past year, he was a guy that definitely garnered some attention in coverage and it opened a lot of other things up.”

CeeDee Lamb, the most talented wide receiver on the team is behind him but there’s not much depth. Michael Gallup still has to recover from a torn ACL. The team still needs some help, despite Noah Brown’s emergence.

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