Troy Aikman Had Another Blunt Message For Cowboys This Week

Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman isn’t done with the game against the 49ers this week.

Aikman offered more thoughts about Sunday’s failures after lamenting the team’s poor use of CeeDee Lamb, a star wide receiver. Aikman expressed his disappointment at the team’s failure to win a playoff game in a radio interview.

Aikman stated that being knocked out in round one makes the season just as meaningless than the seasons of the worst teams in league. His statement was not entirely accurate for the Jaguars and Jets.

“If you don’t do anything in the postseason, then you’re really at the end of the day, no different than the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Jets that don’t get in,” Aikman said.

Troy Aikman is right to gloss over the fact the Jaguars and Jets would love the Cowboys’ season. The saying goes “Either your first or your last.”

They failed to win the Super Bowl in 2021, if that was their goal. Although they were closer to the goal than 18 other teams in 2021, the final result was the same as all the others.

It’s not the first time the Cowboys have had a great season, only to lose in the playoffs. This one is a little different.

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