Troy Aikman believes Prescott’s shoulder injury more serious than the Cowboys are letting on.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned FOX analyst Troy Aikman had a telling admission on Dak Prescott’s injury status.

Prescott has been released from the devastating 2020 leg injury. However, he is currently recovering from another injury to his shoulder.

Prescott has been banned by the Cowboys from throwing for a while, although he did some light throwing on Saturday.

Aikman thinks Prescott’s shoulder injury may be more severe than the Cowboys believe.

Aikman stated that although the Cowboys downplay it, when your franchise quarterback isn’t playing as much, it can be a lot more important than what they’ve led on.

Although that may have been true, the Cowboys offered a hopeful update on Prescott’s status this weekend.

Mike McCarthy, the head coach, told reporters that his quarterback could do light throwing on Saturday.

The Cowboys are less than a month away opening their regular season.

On Thursday, September 9, Tampa Bay will face Dallas in the Opening Night match. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:20 PM E.T.

Prescott will be 100 percent available for the Cowboys’ game.

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