Tony Romo drops fearless forecast on Dak Prescott, Dallas amid roster turnover

The Cowboys offense is much less weaponized than it was a season ago. Amari Cooper’s departure was the single biggest blow to the league’s most productive offense. The core of the Dallas offensive unit, led by Dak Prescott, is still intact despite losing key players. Will they continue the’ offense in 2022? Tony Romo, former Cowboys quarterback, believes so.

Romo spoke to CBS Sports Radio’s Maggie Gray, Andrew Perloff and Andrew Perloff Tuesday about Cowboys. Romo said that Prescott’s confidence and the rest of the offense were not swayed by Romo’s comments. Romo also acknowledged that the Cowboys offense would have to be different in 2022.

“And you’re seeing just a little bit of change start to happen,” Romo said. “So I think you’ll see a shift in philosophy a little bit, the identity might change and get back toward the 2016-ish ‘17, ‘18 season.”

Tony Romo mentioned the peak years in Elliott’s career. These were years when the Cowboys relied more on the run than they do in recent seasons. Since then, Dallas’ offense has been driven by Prescott and its passing game. Romo expects Prescott will still play this role in the offense in 2022. However, it is not the same as in previous seasons.

“I think he’s shown he’s more than capable of playing great football consistently throughout a year and I just think it’s gonna be a little different,” said Romo. “You know, because the weapons won’t be quite as dynamic. They’ll still be very good, but I do think that you’ll see teams play them just a little bit different.”

Romo didn’t predict Elliott would return to his 2016 form. Zeke, a veteran running back and high-mileage runner, is currently working to heal from last year’s partially torn PCL. Although Elliott may not be the same Elliott, his performances during the first few weeks last season show that he still has some fuel left. Kellen Moore and Tony Pollard should be able put together a decent run-game for the Cowboys. Romo believes they will need it.

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