Today Is A Very Painful Anniversary For Cowboys Fans

For most NFL fans, this may feel like a regular Tuesday. Dallas Cowboys fans are not so lucky.

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers seven years ago in the NFC Divisional round. Dez Bryant’s absurd catch during the fourth quarter was overturned by officials.

The controversy caused by this play was so great that the league unanimously agreed that any future play similar to it should be considered a completion.

Even to this day, Bryant believes the officials in Green Bay made the wrong call.

“I stumbled across these cleats and got a little emotional because these are the cleats I wore against Green Bay… it was a catch and forever will be a catch,” Bryant tweeted last July.

Bryant is not wrong to feel this way. This call will be something Bryant will always be remembered for, despite the fact he made a great play.

It is fair to wonder what might have happened if the Cowboys had won this game against the Packers.

Maybe that team could have been the one who ended Dallas’ drought. Cowboys fans will never know.

The Cowboys have a chance of making a Super Bowl run this year, which is a bright side. Wild Card Weekend will see them face the 49ers on Sunday.

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