Timeline Revealed for Cowboys-Odell Beckham Jr. Decision

Odell Beckham Jr. is not too far from making his decision.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the 30-year-old wide receiver will decide where to sign by November. His shortlisted teams include the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills . He also includes the New York Giants , Kansas City Chiefs , San Francisco 49ers, and San Francisco.

“The Rams and Green Bay Packers might also have been featured prominently in Beckham’s list, but as both teams fall further out of playoff contention, the less likely it is that Beckham will opt to sign with one of those franchises,” said Schefter.

Schefter stated that Beckham might have also included the Rams and Green Bay Packers in his list. However, as both teams fall further from playoff contention, it’s less likely that Beckham will sign with one of these franchises.

After being released from the Cleveland Browns, Beckham signed with the Rams in the middle of last season. He was the first veteran receiver to win a Super Bowl. Beckham’s value increased after a difficult few years with Browns, where he averaged 54.7 yards per week after an average of 92.8 yards per match with the New York Giants.

Three-time Pro Bowl receiver Beckham’s most significant contributions to the team were during its postseason run. Beckham was a receiver for 21 passes, 288 yards, and two touchdowns in four Rams postseason games. He also played nine receptions of 113 yards in the Rams’ win over the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 in the NFC Championship Game.

Beckham’s contract will likely be prorated to what Mike Williams and Chris Godwin received in the offseason. They each make on average $20 million per annum.

Schefter stated that Beckham’s talents were at least comparable to those of Williams and Godwin. He also has marketability which could help him leverage. Beckham could earn $5 million if he played the last quarter at a similar rate to Godwin and Williams.
Schefter mentions that Beckham is seeking a multiyear contract.

“Teams also believe Beckham is looking for a multiyear deal, which could potentially give them additional flexibility in structuring a deal that would work for both the free agent receiver and his new club,” said Schefter.

It’s not surprising that the veteran receiver expressed his desire for a multiyear contract during an interview with Complex Sports .

“Whether it’s Buffalo, Green Bay calling, the Cowboys, or reunion with the Giants,” he said, “I want to be able to spill these last three or four years into these next three or fours into something where I can buy a home, like somewhere I can call home.”

Beckham is expected to be cleared soon to return to the field. It’s evident that he is looking for a potential contender to sign him to an extended-term deal.

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