This Steelers-Jaguars trade could make the The Steelers unstoppable

We love trades that have happy endings for both teams.


It seems that every dependable player in Jacksonville is turning on the Jaguars, which includes running back Leonard Fournette. Just days after campaigning for Cam Newton to come to town, it appears that Fournette wants out as quickly as possible.


There are a number of trade options, which includes the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions. However, there could be one match in heaven with the Pittsburgh Steelers.


According to ESPN’s Marcus Spears, “Pittsburgh would be a great landing spot for him.”


When first hearing this, it makes you think. As you begin to think, you realize he is right.


Running back James Conner is entering the final year of his rookie deal. The Steelers were once rumored to have interest in former Charger, now Broncos’ running back Melvin Gordon.


Conner is coming off a season that featured a down year. There are injury concerns, and the Steelers don’t want to pay him a lot of money for another year like 2019. A straight up deal for Fournette, who is also entering the last year of his rookie deal, could be perfect.


Fournette is due to make $8.6 million in 2020 and carries a fifth-year option that could be used, or declined. Conner will be making $1 million and could sign his extension in Jacksonville. The team would have their franchise running back to pair with their franchise quarterback in Gardner Minshew.


Fournette shows dominance as a runner, including 1,152 yards on the ground last year on a bad Jacksonville team.


We love happy endings. Both of these teams should too.


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