This play illustrates why Ezekiel Elliott is still elite

On Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys reacted to their greatest victory of the season. It wasn’t a megagame, but the fact that they were still able to be excellent without their starting signal-caller makes it significant.


Considering that Dak was not there again, it makes the performances of those who were there that much better. Cooper Rush should get the first shoutout for his ability to do the job when needed, but Amari Cooper should get the second.

He had the game-sealing touchdown and made huge concentration-catch plays throughout the night to help the Cowboys have any chance at winning. The win was not without merit. While the other members of the team played a significant part, the most noteworthy shoutout went to who has been subject to a lot of scrutiny but is still elite… Ezekiel Elliot.

Tony Pollard’s play has raised questions about the value of a high-paying runner such as Zeke. However, this isn’t fair. The Cowboys have two excellent to great running backs. Let’s not confuse. However, one of them has proved and continues to prove his all-around three down eliteness each week.

Tony Pollard, an incredible talent with tremendous ability, is once again a great asset. It is hard to believe that he could be as efficient for the Cowboys, or that he is as good , or more than Zeke.

Thisisn’t thatthough. This isn’t a hit-pieceon Pollard. He’s great, and as long as the Cowboys keep him there as 1B men, hopefully forever then you absolutely want to have him. This is what this is, however. It has been stated before that Zeke is still elite. For more evidence, take a look at Sunday’s game. This game-winning, drive saving, must-have player is the proof.

The Cowboys can do themselves a favor and get a first down here in a moment where you are likely to still get a field goal off (though Greg Zuerline this year might still make you a little scared), to try to get into box.

This should have been the preferred choice anyway. It takes some of the burden off the Viking defense but it sets you up for win.

They did exactly that, and it was largely due to a big play by the elite back we call Zike. Two guys came in to bring him down, and most running backs, including Tony Pollard, went down.

Ezekiel triumphs over four people who hit him twice, one at a time, on two occasions. Being elite doesn’t mean you have to put up huge numbers every time. It is about being able make a huge impact whenever your team needs it.

Ezekiel Elliott was able to accomplish this on Sunday and continues to do so for the Cowboys. He will continue to be an integral part of their success through the rest of the year. This, and the game-winning play ,shows why Ezekiel Elliot is still an elite back for the NFL. This is regardless of what others might think or say.

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