The Cowboys X-Factor against the 49ers in the 2022 NFL playoffs, and it’s not Dak Prescott

The Dallas CowboysX-Factor in the 2022 NFL Playoffs will play an important role in the team’s chances of winning Super Bowl 56. This team is led by Dak Prescott, but they need someone to step up if they want to beat the San Francisco 49ers during Wildcard Weekend. While we keep the X-Factor in our minds, we go over Dallas’ potential.

Dallas is home to a solid defense that can get the job done. They should be able defeat the 49ers in round one if that unit plays together.

Dak Prescott will be the star who leads the Cowboys through the postseason. He’ll need some help. Their passing game will be their greatest asset during the playoffs. The receivers have had some difficulties down the stretch.

Here’s our Cowboys X-Factor to help them against the 49ers in their 2022 NFL Playoff matchup.

Amari Cooper is still the top receiver for the Cowboys, but he hasn’t been as active lately. CeeDee Lamb is a real threat and could be the Cowboys’ top pass option next season. Dallas will need Cooper to get in the groove for the playoffs.

Dallas could benefit from Amari Cooper’s improvements in a few key areas. The lack of run blocking is one reason why the Cowboys offense has suffered in the last stretch of the regular season. The receivers are often to blame for Dallas’ poor performance running the ball.

Amari Cooper appears to be disinterested in run blocking. He’s failed multiple times to block runs. The Cowboys will be more successful if Cooper improves in this area. This allows Amari Cooper to have more targets and opens up the passing game.

Cooper’s inability to open his mouth is another concern. It’s not clear if Cooper is attempting to get open, or if he is running his route. We know that Amari Cooper doesn’t receive as many targets as usual because he seems to be always covered. Lamb and other receivers are receiving more attention.

Amari Cooper is undoubtedly one of the top receivers in the league. However, he needs to improve his field skills in order for the Cowboys to be able to challenge for the Super Bowl. This is a favorable matchup to Dallas and it will be interesting to see what he does against them.

Dak Prescott should get a field day during Wildcard Weekend, as the 49ers have one of the worst pass defenses in the league. This is the perfect opportunity to get Amari Cooper back on track with Prescott, the Cowboys. Cooper will carry that momentum into round two of the 2022 NFL Playoffs if they can get him going.


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