The Cowboys Could possibly use Anthony Brown as trade bait

Anthony Brown is currently in a strange spot. The Cowboys signed him back last offseason on a three year deal. He was able to once again hold the slot corner job over Jourdan Lee. Brown was limited by injuries throughout the season and, like the rest, didn’t do his best when he was on field.

The Cowboys then drafted Nahshon Wright and Kelvin Joseph on a three-year contract. Brown is a slot player, but he can also play outside, which has been a plus for his case. We’ve seen Brown on the edge with Trevon Diggs, while Lewis has been the first to get in the slot. Maurice Canady also impressed when Lewis was out with injury for a few days.

Brown’s surprise play by Canady only complicates matters. It is obvious that Lewis and Dan Quinn are friends, or else they wouldn’t have brought him back. Quinn is watching the rookies. Wright generated a lot of buzz in this offseason and Joseph is expected to challenge Diggs for the outside starting spot. Is Brown allowed to return to the slot, even though Dallas likes Canady and Lewis? It is also worth noting Joseph has worked in the slot, which adds even more versatility.

A trade Brown following final roster cuts is another option. This makes the most sense. This is dependent on the Cowboys being comfortable with Joseph, Lewis Wright, Wright, and even Canady. If this comfort level is not yet there, then it’s a smart move to roll with veteran Brown.

Brown may be able to offer some help to teams that feel less confident after the preseason. Brown is not Jalen Ramsey. However, he has five years and 66 NFL games of experience. He can also play outside or inside and, at just 27 years old, he still has some long term viability. Brown could be added to a team that has a need for cornerback before the season begins.

Cowboys will likely offer draft compensation in the mid-to late rounds for former sixth-round picks. This would be fair. It would also solve the problem that Brown doesn’t seem to be a good fit for Quinn’s secondary at the moment. Brown isn’t the size that this scheme wants, much like Chidobe, who Quinn and Cowboys chose not to resign this offseason. Brown, who is 5’11” tall and 196 pounds, has 31-inch arms and is quite small compared to Diggs and Joseph and Wright.

The Cowboys could decide that Brown is not a starter and send him to another team. This would be a win-win situation. This would be a strong endorsement for the young players Dallas hopes to turn around their secondary. It doesn’t matter what, it’s worth keeping an eye on Brown’s progress going forward.

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