Stephen Jones Addresses Kellen Moore’s Future as Cowboys OC

Reports Recent weeks have seen a new wave of questions about Moore’s future at Texas Christian University, as he fills the vacant head-coaching position. Dallas Cowboys Offensive coordinator wizard.

This rumor, refuted by Moore who claimed he has given “not one inch” of thought to college job opportunities was yet another reminder of how hot the 33 year-old star is.

Moore can be replaced if and when a better offer is made to him.

Stephen Jones, Cowboys vice president, stated earlier this week that it was always difficult to lose a man. If you are being considered for a position as a head coach at a college or the NFL, it is obvious that they are performing at the highest level. The great thing about having Coach McCarthy as our coach is that he’s a proven play-caller and a proven offensive coordinator. He also understands the offensive strategy as well as the game as well as anyone else. It’s clear that Mike will be able to coordinate the offense, regardless of who he chooses, and that’s just a matter of time. We don’t know when we will have to deal with that. It’s great to have Mike there knowing his offensive mind, which includes calling plays and coordinating offenses. They won the Super Bowl in Green Bay, went to championship games, and had a lot success.

Moore is widely regarded as one the best football minds. He is the brains behind the NFL’s top-ranked offense and the handler for MVP contender Dak Prescott. Moore’s knack for inventing unique, but often very successful play designs leaves opponents baffled and attracts new employers.

Everyone involved, from the ones in the stands to the ones signing his checks, is enjoying the ride and hoping that Moore’s prowess will help Dallas reach the promised land.

Jones stated that Moore did a “tremendous job” as a quarterback and that he was a “great coach.” Jones spoke on 105.3 The Fan via Dallas Morning News. He is a great coach, and he knows the offense and the offensive philosophy. This is his family tree. His father is a great football coach. His arrow seems straight up. I think that’s a wonderful compliment. It’s also a great compliment for our organization. He’s got a bright future. That will be addressed when it comes.

Jones was also asked by Jones radio interview for an update about Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith, who missed the Cowboys’ last two games due to bone spurs in the ankle. Smith is questionable for Sunday’s game at Kansas City.

Mike McCarthy, the Chiefs’ head coach, said that he is “hopeful” Smith will be able to play against them. Smith has retaken the job from Terence Steele. Jones however, described his situation as a game-time decision.

He said, “Well, we won’t know until game-time,” via 105.3 The Fan via Dallas Morning News. He tried to get back from having it, but that wasn’t the right thing for him at that time. We want him to be healthy and ready to go. This will be one of the decisions we make in the next few days, if not before game time.


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