Sports Illustrated’s Ranking of the Cowboys’ QB Situation is a Literal Joke

SI’s QB rankings and Cowboys rank are laughable


The Dallas Cowboys have technically only finished half of their to-do list.


Before the offseason began, the team had two major needs: resign Amari Cooper and lock up Dak Prescott. The Cowboys did one of those things, which was sign Cooper to a five-year extension. Meanwhile, Prescott was franchise tagged and remains unhappy.


The 26-year old quarterback had the best season of his career last year, nearly throwing for 5,000 yards. However, given the circumstances, Sports Illustrated writer Conor Orr believes the Cowboys have the fourth-best quarterback situation.


When ranking all 32 NFL teams, it’s hard to think that the Cowboys have the fourth-best situation.


According to Orr, the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and Seattle Seahawks are the only teams that have a better QB situation going on right now.


Orr lost all credibility after the Cowboys were ranked higher than the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans.


Deshaun Watson would do better than Prescott if the roles were reversed. What’s worse? Jackson is the reigning league MVP, and he was ranked lower than Prescott, who had one career-year.


Prescott may have top-5 quarterback potential, but that does not mean he is there.


Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Jackson, Watson, and Russell Wilson are better. We would be willing to throw Drew Brees into the mix too. You can never sleep on Tom Brady, even though he switched teams, but you have seen what Bruce Arians can do with quarterbacks.

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