Shannon Sharpe Makes His Opinion On Ezekiel Elliott Very Clear

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys running back, was not among the top 10 NFL running backs in a recent league executive ranking. What does Shannon Sharpe think about Elliott’s latest ranking?

Sharpe spoke out on Wednesday’s Undisputed about Elliott’s ranking outside the top 10. Sharpe was in agreement.

Sharpe stated that Elliott is not a good candidate for the top 10, and that it would be impossible to justify his inclusion in the list with the hope of regaining his previous dominance. Sharpe stated that “Year 7” running backs don’t recoup what they lost in previous year.

Sharpe stated that it was impossible to justify placing him in the Top 10. “We don’t believe RBs in Year 7, will be able to recover what they’ve lost over the past 2-3 years.” Zeke is not the same guy anymore.

Ezekiel Elliott was the NFL’s leader in rushing yards per games during his three first NFL seasons. After rushing for 1,631 yards, Elliott almost won every major award. He also scored 15 touchdowns.

However, Elliott’s production has dropped a little over the past two seasons. Although he still finds the endzone quite often, his yards per touch are now at their lowest point in his career.

The Dallas Cowboys took some of Elliott’s workload and split the responsibilities with Tony Pollard.

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