Sean Payton Reveals His Pick For Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

Sean Payton, a former Saints head coach in New Orleans, is making a good adjustment to his new role as  an NFL analyst.

Payton shared his predictions for Sunday’s clash between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys during a appearance on Kay Adams’ TV show, Up & Adams.

Payton is proud of the Cowboys’ win in their season opener. He praised the Cowboys’ defense under Dan Quinn, their defensive coordinator.

“I think it’ll be interesting,” Payton told Adams. “I like Dallas in this game. I think Dallas’ defense is improved again. I think Dan [Quinn] does a great job. Those guys play with great speed to the football, they’ll turn it over. I like them winning this game.”

Because Payton has been associated with the Cowboys’ head coach job for many years, this prediction will be a lot of interest.

Payton’s open market status means that he is more likely to take his talents to Dallas.

If they are successful this season, however, Payton will not be needed to be hired by the Cowboys.

If Dallas has a difficult fall, the rumblings about Payton’s future as a coach will only grow louder.

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