Sean Payton breaks silence amid rumors he’s replacing Mike McCarthy as Cowboys coach

The Sean Payton to Dallas rumors were full swing when the long-time New Orleans Saints Coach announced his retirement late last year.

Payton was previously linked to the Cowboys in 2019, with him possibly being in line to succeed Jason Garrett as Cowboys coach. Payton’s longtime friend and colleague Mike McCarthy was chosen by Dallas. McCarthy knows that he is in a similar position like Garrett after a disappointing couple of seasons.

Payton was recently asked if he had spoken to McCarthy in light of all the rumors that he could be his replacement when he is eligible in 2023.

“I haven’t,” Payton said amid rumors linking him to the Cowboys. “You know what, it’s a good idea because I felt like it took place for a while with Jason Garrett, a good friend of mine who I coached with at the Giants. Still a close friend to this day, and I consider Mike someone who’s a close friend. Mike’s done it long enough.

Mike McCarthy and Sean Payton have been in the same NFL circles for some time now. Payton made it clear that he has deep respect for McCarthy, his longtime friend. Although he said that there is no Cowboys future at this time, he was aware of the rumors.

“We both entered the league as head coaches the same year in ’06. We’re of the same age and we’re of the same background. Look, our paths have been different. I’m his big fan and I think he’s one of those guys who’s a fantastic coach. I had this whole conversation with Saints’ ownership the week prior to the wildcard round and Mrs. Benson said, ‘Take a week, go on vacation to Mexico, and before you come back put that answer,’ because I knew then I wanted to step away. Sure enough, that first round game, Dallas loses. I’m like, ‘Ah, It would’ve been so much easier if I had the Tuesday before that.’”

It doesn’t matter if Sean Payton really wants the Cowboys job. However, it is not logical to announce his interest now that he is still ineligible for the jump next season. He may not be interested in the Cowboys job yet. However, there are many things that can happen between now 2023.

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