Rumored Cowboys Trade Package Revealed for 1st-Round CB

Coinciding with the apparent availability of C.J. Bleacher Report released recently a speculative Dallas Cowboys deal package that included the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback.

It’s a doozy.

This hypothetical deal sees the Cowboys giving up a 2022 first round choice and tight end Dalton Schultz to get Henderson, the No. 9th overall pick in last year’s draft.

Alex Kay, BR, wrote Tuesday that Henderson represents a significant upgrade over incumbent corner Anthony Brown who struggled from the outside last season and hasn’t been very reliable in his five seasons in Dallas. The Cowboys should be open to any deal that would permit Brown to be relegated to backup duties.

Dallas could be the best offer for Jacksonville by packaging in a tight end, such as Dalton Schultz who rushed for 63 receptions and 615 yards.

After Henderson’s distinguished collegiate career at Florida, Henderson was made a Day 1 selection by Jacksonville in September 2020. He nearly broke up every pass (26) and as many games (33).

The 6-foot-1, 204-pound corner drew pre-draft comparisons to two-time All-Pro Marcus Peters. His college fans include: Dallas defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

“Generally when you hear a name and then you hear Cowboys I have to tweet out ‘no’,” 105.3 The Fan’s Jeff Cavanaugh noted on Twitter. “But CJ Henderson? For a total of $7.5 million, you would take on a 3 year contract. It is worth asking what it would cost. If you are wondering if Dan Quinn was CJ Henderson’s fan in the draft, the answer is “Yes.”

The inaugural NFL campaign of Henderson was short-lived. However, he suffered a groin injury that cut his eligibility after eight games. In 474 defensive snaps, he recorded six pass deflections as well as one interception.

Kay expressed concern about a possible trade, writing that “one issue the Cowboys have to contend with in order to acquire any talent at this time is salary-cap space.” “According to Spotrac, the team has just $4.5 million available to spend, giving it less financial flexibility than all but two other organizations.

“Fortunately for this cash-strapped squad, Henderson has already been paid the majority of the four-year, $20.5 million rookie deal he signed in 2020. For the next three seasons, Henderson is due just $7 million and in 2021, he will be paid $4.7 million.

Do not expect anything. Preseason evaluation is underway by Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones, Cowboys evaluators. There are already several promising young CBs on the roster.

Even if the evaluators wanted Henderson and even if they were willing for Schultz to be traded, the salary cap was an impediment. Henderson will continue to wear silver and blue until the Cowboys make a move that clears significant space.

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