Report: Seahawks Request Interview With Cowboys Coach

After separating from Ken Norton Jr. Tuesday afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks need a new defensive coordinator for 2022.

The organization seems to be quick to set up interviews with potential candidates.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero the Seahawks made a request for Joe Whitt, the Dallas Cowboys secondary coach and defensive game coordinator to fill their vacant position as defensive coordinator.

Whitt, a long-time assistant to the NFL, is highly respected and has extensive experience as a defensive coordinator. Whitt has never been a defensive coordinator, but he could be offered the job in Seattle.

After a year with Atlanta Falcons, Whitt joined the Cowboys 2021. He spent one season with the Cleveland Browns before moving to the Cowboys in 2020. Before that, he was with the Green Bay Packers for over a decade. Before joining the NFL ranks, he spent time at Auburn, The Citadel, and Louisville. He also played wide receiver.

Whitt (43), would make a great fit in Seattle, given his coaching experience on the defensive side, especially in the secondary. Andre Curtis, the Seahawks’ defensive passing game coordinator, was fired this week. The defense could also use some reorganization.

After a disappointing 7-10 season, Seattle has demonstrated a willingness to change things up in defense. While Pete Carroll remained in his position as head coach, he has shown a willingness and ability to change his staff to improve his team’s performance in 2022.

Perhaps Whitt and the Seahawks’ top brass will decide that Whitt can be a force for good.

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