Randy Gregory takes shot at officiating following Cowboys loss

Randy Gregory, Dallas Cowboys’ defensive end, was not impressed by Sunday night’s 25-22 loss against the Arizona Cardinals. He even said that the referees were playing against him.

On Sunday, the Cowboys were penalized with 10 penalties. This cost Dallas 88 yards and made it look like the referees missed an end-of-game fumble. Gregory was not shy in his comments after the contest.

“We had a few mental errors. I don’t know about the offense, but I know for the defense, even myself, we had a few mental errors,” Gregory said. “Playing against the refs again, like usual. It seems like an every week occurrence. We just have to tune that out and just deal with it.”

Mike McCarthy, the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, said that Gregory’s comments were true. He claimed that Sunday’s loss was due to poor officiating.

“This crew is weekly high in officiating numbers and so we just tried to really illustrate that all week,” McCarthy said. “But I think the timing of our penalties, for us personally, was something that was a challenge for us to overcome.”

It suffices to say that DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys were unhappy with Sunday’s performance against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cowboys only managed 301 yards total offense against the Cardinals. They also committed 10 penalties for 88 yards and one turnover, which led to a disappointing comeback.

Dallas, which trailed at one point in the third quarter 22-7, scored 15 fourth-quarter points, but the Cardinals’ nailed a field goal on their penultimate drive to end the game 25-22.

Prescott finished the game with 24 completions from 38 passing attempts for 226 yards and three passing touchdowns. He also rushed five times for 20 yards.

Prescott stated that while we were disappointed not to win, it was still a positive experience. I know what we have and the team we have. It was just that we couldn’t achieve it as a team. I’ve got to do better. We all have to take a look in the mirror at ourselves and figure out a way to win in games like this.

Prescott stated, “We’ll be seeing them again”, referring to the Cowboys’ readiness to face the Cardinals during the playoffs.

The Cowboys’ first round matchup with the Cardinals and Kyler Murray is the way it stands. Prescott said that he was ready and Lawrence agreed.

“Damn right,” Lawrence said, when asked if the Cowboys want to face the Cardinals again. “They came out and gave us their best shot tonight. We came out and competed, and shoot, we just going to get better from it. But if we see them again, they gonna get it all from us.”

The Arizona Cardinals offense was led by Kyler Muray, who completed 26 passes in 38 attempts. This totaled 263 yards passing and two touchdowns. Murray ran for 44 yards on nine carries. A.J. Green was one of his top targets for the day. Green may only have had three receptions but he finished the day with 74 receiving yards, which is second to Christian Kirk’s six catches of 79 yards. Green’s 74 receiving yard against Trevon Diggs was perhaps the most impressive stat. This Cowboys cornerback has set many interceptions records during his second NFL season.

The Cowboys now have one regular-season match left, an away game against Philadelphia on Saturday. However, many Cowboys stars are expected to be rested for that game.

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