Raiders Are Reportedly Cutting Former Alabama Star

According to reports, the Las Vegas Raiders will release veteran running back Kenyan Drake.

In March 2021, Drake signed a $14.5 million contract for Las Vegas. Jon Gruden, the head coach, envisioned Drake partnering with Josh Jacobs, a former Miami Dolphin star, to create a formidable backfield duo.

In Sin City, Drake’s one-season impact was very limited. Drake ran for 254 yards on 12 carries and two touchdowns, while receiving 30 receptions for 291 yards.

Drake was placed on injured reserve in December after breaking his ankle.

The good news is that Drake was able to take home a good portion of the $14.5million he signed for.

Drake is still just 28 years old, but he ran for 955 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2020. The next team to sign him will hope he can continue that feat this fall.

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