Proposed Trade Sees Cowboys Acquire ‘Unique Passer’ From Hated Rival

The Dallas Cowboys appear to be searching for a new quarterback.

The Cowboys lost a 19-3 match against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They also lost their best player for a long time. ESPN’s Todd Archer reported that Dak Prescott, the quarterback, would be out for six to eight weeks due to a thumb injury on September 12.

Owner Jerry Jones, the general manager, declared that Cooper Rush would become the new starting quarterback. The one career start that the former undrafted-free agent has to his name. Given that Dallas only has one other quarterback on their roster, practice squad QB Will Grier ,, it is reasonable to assume that the Cowboys will be targeting a quarterback.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler suggested that the Cowboys might be interested in a trade to Steelers backup quarterback Mason Rudolph. Rudolph started eight games in 2019 for the Steelers while Ben Roethlisberger had been sidelined. He finished third in the quarterback depth charts, behind rookie pick Kenny Pickett and starter Mitch Trubisky. Rudolph has a respectable HTML4-1 record as an starter.

“If the Cowboys do explore the quarterback market, they would be wise to call the Pittsburgh Steelers on Mason Rudolph, who is currently relegated to third string despite a strong preseason,” Fowler wrote on September 12. “Pittsburgh received trade interest on him before roster cuts but would need a decent return to deal him. Giving up a Day 3 pick for a QB with a 5-4-1 record as a starter could be a prudent option for Dallas.”

The Cowboys have a large number of draft picks for the 2023 draft. They not only have all their original picks but are expected to have three additional compensatory picks.

Via Marc Delucchi, SB Nation

“Who knows if Dallas or Jimmy Garoppolo is interested, but the Cowboys have all of their picks in 2023, are expected to get 3 comp picks, and clearly want to win now,” Delucchi tweeted on September 11. “Jimmy’s contract would put Dallas over the cap, but the Niners could easily retain a chunk of his base salary.”

The Steelers will likely have limited use for Rudolph in the future, so they could profit from Rudolph’s injury. Already, the Cowboys have suffered injuries to key positions such as wide receiver and offensive tackle.

Rudolph, though not a known playmaker, has played for winning organizations and has survived five years in Pittsburgh despite being criticized by the fan base. This is the definition of a quarterback who can survive under pressure.

Bleacher Report’s Ian Wharton stated that Rudolph is an “unique passer” who can throw the deep ball.

Wharton wrote that Rudolph was a “unique passer”, not having a strong arm, but being able to throw deep ball effectively due to his touch/arc.

Rudolph is the most attractive option, aside from San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Rudolph is more likely to be acquired than Garoppolo, who has a no trade clause and plays for an NFC competitor.

Rudolph might be the best alternative if the Cowboys fail to pursue Garoppolo.

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