Picture: Cowboys Appear To Get Away With Blatant Penalty vs. Washington

The Dallas Cowboys faced the Washington Football Team in a divisional match on Sunday night.

Dallas was quick to score. Dallas took a 7-0 lead when star quarterback Dak Prescott ran back Ezekiel Elliott from the backfield to score a touchdown pass.

After a Washington punt, the Cowboys took the ball and ran right down the field for their second touchdown. Dallas was now leading 14-0, but the Cowboys were quickly criticized by fans for ignoring a flagrant penalty.

Prescott returned to pass on third-and-6 and found Amari Cooper, who gained 10 yards for the first down. Yet, Prescott should have flagged the play for an ineligible man downfield.

The Cowboys had an offensive player four yards beyond the line of scrimmage, which should have led to a penalty.

Here’s a look.

Dallas might have taken the penalty, but Dallas could have still picked up the first down. It’s an extremely poor decision by the officials tonight.

It could be quite a different game if Washington stops Dallas on a third and long. The Cowboys currently hold a 21-0 lead.

Dallas got away with it?

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