Patrick Mahomes Warns Chiefs’ Offense to ‘Keep an Eye’ On This Dallas Cowboys Star Next Sunday

The Kansas City Chiefs seem to have found their feet in the AFC Championships. The Chiefs put on a dominating performance against the Las Vegas Raiders. They defeated them 41-14 and their quarterback Patrick Mahomes was there to help. He faces a bigger challenge when he plays against the Dallas Cowboys.

This season, the Cowboys have been absolutely amazing. The league is not only seeing the familiar faces like Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott shine this season; new faces are also emerging and taking the league by storm. Trevon Diggs, cornerback, is one of these names. The CB was selected in the second round, 2020 Draft. His rapid performances have impressed many.

He is not only a dangerous threat on the field but his stats are absolutely amazing. He has eight interceptions, which he converted to six points. Patrick Mahomes, who has thrown TEN interceptions (second behind Joe Burrow, tied for eleven), is on the opposite side. Mahomes was forced to warn the Chiefs about Diggs’ threat during a media conference.

“It means that you are able to identify the offense’s intentions when there are so many interceptions. It is important to keep an eye on the offense so that you understand what they are trying to accomplish. He will wait for his chance and most often, when he does, he makes the catch. This is a great player and you need to pay close attention to every snap.

After throwing five touchdown passes against Raiders, Mahomes felt better. The Chiefs scored 41 points, which is a record they have only managed once this season. Mahomes was awarded AFC Offensive Player Award of the Week for his performance. Will he be able to repeat his feats against Trevon Diggs, however? Keep watching for more information.

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