Patrick Mahomes reveals new strategy to make sure AFC Championship Game choke never repeats itself

The 2021 Kansas City Chiefs season ended in defeat against the Cincinnati Bengals at the AFC Championship Game. Patrick Mahomes had led the Chiefs to a commanding lead of 21-3 in the first period. The Bengals responded with 21 points. Chiefs scored a last-second field goal that sent the game into overtime.

Cincinnati would make an interception on Chiefs’ overtime possession, and they made it to the Super Bowl by scoring a field goal on their first overtime possession.

It was a difficult end to the Chiefs season and left Patrick Mahomes with a bad taste. Mahomes spent the offseason trying to prevent similar losses from happening again. He hopes that a change in his mentality at practice can help.

“What I’m working on now is finishing practice. If it’s going good or bad, make sure you finish practice the right way. Get every rep out of it and keep pushing guys to do that. … You get to a point where there’s some days when you have these long days or practices that are going well, people relax and you just kinda keep going. Well, I want to make sure that we have that same intensity at the end we do at the beginning. I think that’s something you can work on every single day.” – Patrick Mahomes, The Ringer

Mahomes is clearly determined to prevent another loss such as the one that the Chiefs suffered against the Bengals. He can improve his practice skills and it is possible that the results will be translated into actual games. The NFL could be in serious trouble if Mahomes finds a way to improve his game.

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