Orlando Brown Jr. breaks silence on contract drama with Chiefs

The impasse between Orlando Brown Jr. and the Kansas City Chiefs has ended. After a long and drawn-out battle, Brown and Chiefs finally reached an agreement regarding Brown’s contract extension. The agreement was for $16.7 million and was valid for one year.

After Brown deliberately sat out camp’s first few days, there was doubt about whether the Chiefs would be able to bring back their three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman. This is despite Kansas City’s decision to franchise tag the Oklahoma former standout. After Brown signed a new deal, the organization was able breathe a sigh relief and was allowed to re-join on the field.

Brown now speaks out about the contract drama that he endured. According to Brown, 26, he knew that Chiefs was his loyal team (via Adam Teicher from ESPN).

“I want to be here,” said Brown. “I want to finish my career here in Kansas City. I’m sure questions are out there, but to me, with the contract situation, it just wasn’t enough guarantees.

“ I love blocking for Pat Mahomes. I love putting the Chiefs’ logo on my helmet. I really enjoy being here.”

Brown is loved by the Chiefs, so they did everything possible to extend his contract. Although a one-year extension may not be the best for KC at this time, they will accept what they can.

“I missed a lot of ball up until this point, and I missed the locker room,” Brown said. “I missed the coaches, you know, everyone here in the building. I know how important this five-day stretch is to coach [Andy] Reid and everybody here at K.C. I just didn’t feel right sitting at home, missing out on this. This is something that I want to be a part of. You know, I was brought here to help with Super Bowls, and this week is very important to our progression.”

Brown admitted that it was difficult for him to watch his teammates train for the next season while he was absent from camp’s first portion. He also knew that this was something he had to do.

“It’s always hard,” Brown said of being away from the Chiefs. “I pride myself on being a leader. I pride myself on being someone that wants to be here for his teammates, showing up every day, bringing the most positive energy that I can bring to the locker room and on the field. It was difficult to be away from it for so long. But the understanding was that I had to do what I had to do.”

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