Not a single team put in an offer sheet on Kareem Hunt or Taysom Hill

Clearly, Kareem Hunt and Taysom Hill were overvalued.


The deadline for restricted NFL free agents to sign offer sheets with other teams in the league was on Friday. The Cleveland Browns running back and New Orleans Saints backup quarterback turned utility man did not have any takers; thus, signed with their own teams.


“The deadline to sign RFAs to offer sheets has come and gone, and there were no offer sheets this year,” tweeted NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.  “Players like #Saints QB Taysom Hill and #Browns RB Kareem Hunt will return to their teams.”


In March, the Browns placed a second-round tender on Hunt. The move was as expected, but the team had a hunch that no other teams were going to give that kind of compensation that contained a lot of baggage.


Even with his suspension from last year, Hunt found his way in the authorities hands again for a stop that resulted in possession of marijuana.


Either way, the Browns believe that the 2017 NFL rushing champ can make the team dynamic in 2020. When he returned, he posted 179 rushing yards and 285 receiving yards as the backup to Nick Chubb.


As for Hill, the 29-year old became a quarterback-running back-wide receiver-tight end utility man on offense, He played out the final year of his contract, pocketing $4.64 million.


His offensive snap count (241) will likely improve this year, but the Saints have been public about his worth to the team. To some, he is the replacement for Drew Brees after Brees decides to retire.


Even though both are clearly assets to their respective teams, it must sting knowing not a single team submitted a bid.


To their respective franchises, that’s called good business .

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