NFL Reportedly Decides On Punishment For Cowboys Player Ejected Last Night

There were a lot of rough moments for the Dallas Cowboys in yesterday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders. The low point was perhaps seeing one of their players get ejected from the game for fighting.

Yesterday, Kelvin Joseph, Cowboys special team player got into a fight with Roderick Teamer, Raiders special team player. Both players were removed and flags were assessed for both teams.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero announced that neither player will be suspended on Friday. However, they will be assessed for possible fines.

Ian Rapoport, an insider at the NFL, reported earlier in the day that there are no suspensions for two other players involved in a scuffle. John Simpson, a Raiders guard, and Trysten Hill (a Cowboys defensive tackle) got into an altercation but were not expelled. They will likely face additional fines.

It’s a win for Kelvin Joseph and Trysten Hill, but probably won’t feel like one for the team overall. The Cowboys lost a overtime 36-33 loss to the Raiders, where they never held the lead.

Dallas holds a lead of two wins in the NFC East. However, their confidence in winning a Super Bowl has declined over the past week.

The Cowboys’ defense is currently in the middle league, which contrasts with their top-two offense.

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