NFL Makes New Decision On Cowboys Player’s Suspension

The Dallas Cowboys found out the fate of defensive tackle Trysten Hills, after he was caught on video punching Las Vegas Raiders’ offensive lineman John Simpson.

The NFL revealed the reason Hill was suspended for two games and provided details. According to the NFL’s statement, the third-year pro “waited more that 50 seconds” for Simpson before “walking towards him in the opposite direction from the [Cowboys] locker rooms.”

Hill was seen punching Simpson in the helmet. After that, other players and coaches separated him. Although it seemed that the suspension of two games was justified, the NFL changed their mind.

Hill appealed to Derrick Brooks (NFLPA appeals officer), who reduced the suspension to one game.

Hill will now return to the team after the game against the New Orleans Saints, rather than missing the two remaining games.

This is good news for Cowboys who still fight to hold onto the NFC East. Next up for the Cowboys will be a match against the Saints team, where Taysom Hill could start at quarterback.

Then, Trysten Hill will return to play against the Washington Football Team on Sunday afternoon.

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