NFL made A shocking decision on Harrison Smith’s accusations

The Vikings were not happy to face the Dallas Cowboys in week 8. The team lost to a backup quarterback. They also lost Danielle Hunter for season. The offense looked completely inept before the U.S. Bank Stadium crowd.

Despite all the excitement, the most disappointing moment of the game was when veteran safety Harrison Smith was tied up with Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb for a play that went out of bounds.

Smith pulled back on Lamb at the end of the play while appearing to be trying to choke the Dallas pass-catcher UFC-style. Even Lamb went to discuss the alleged chokehold.

What happened to the play after it was over?

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Twitter the play was reviewed multiple times and it was found that Harrison Smith was not malicious.

Smith, a veteran player who isn’t known for his dirty play, would not have thought it was a good idea to choke a player after a play. Although Smith was unhappy with the game’s progress, it is not an excuse to intentionally assault a player.

Many fans were relieved to learn that Smith’s thumb was probably caught in Lamb’s necktrap.

The Minnesota Vikings’ Harrison Smith will be facing another difficult task in Week 9, when they face the Baltimore Ravens. The game will be broadcast live on FOX from Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday, November 7.

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