NFL Analyst Names League’s Most ‘Inconsistent’ Quarterback

Many stats can be used to determine who the NFL’s best and worst quarterbacks are on a weekly basis. One NFL analyst discovered the most inconsistent quarterback in the league.

Aaron Schatz from Football Outsiders shared his findings on Twitter this weekend. He had recently analyzed whether Bills quarterback Josh Allen was as inconsistent than people thought. Schatz used Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement to discover the answer.

Schatz was surprised to discover that Allen was actually the second-most inconsistent quarterback of the league. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott took the top spot.

Schatz discovered that Dak had a standard deviation total of 111 DYAR. Allen’s 110 was just a fraction of his.

Dak Prescott had some down and up games during the past season. Dak Prescott had two games that received a passer rating of over 100 between Weeks 10-14 and two games that received a passer ratings below 60.

The Cowboys played better than Dak in most games. Three of the four Cowboys games in which he had a lower passer rating than 75 were lost by Dak. One of those was against San Francisco 49ers in their Wild Card playoff game.

However, this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a fair split of good and poor games. Dak played 12 games that had a passer rating of 80 or higher, including 10 games above 100, five games above 120, and two games over 140. Cowboys were 7-0 with a passer rating of 107.

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