Mike Tomlin Announces Starting Quarterback For Preseason Opener

It has been many years  since there has been a true quarterback battle in Pittsburgh Steelers. But now, they have one with veteran Mitchell Trubisky facing rookie first-rounder Kenny Pickett.

Mike Tomlin, Steelers head coach, has made a decision about who will start Saturday’s preseason match against the Seattle Seahawks. Tomlin revealed that Trubisky would be the first to start on Thursday in front of the media.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Trubisky made the move. Trubisky is an experienced professional who has been a part of the first team since his inception.

Pickett may get more reps after Trubisky’s day ends. Will Pickett get much time as a rookie or will he get only a few minutes before Mason Rudolph takes over?

Mike Tomlin and Steelers were fortunate that Ben Roethlisberger, the team’s starting quarterback, was able to survive so long. The Steelers decided not to invest in his replacement before Roethlisberger was ready to retire.

This means that the Steelers will need to choose between a veteran  or a rookie who is not ready for the demands of the NFL.

The Steelers have an excellent infrastructure to remove some of the obstacles that veterans and rookies often face on teams with bad records.

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