Mike McCarthy shares plan for starters’ playing time in final preseason game

The Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Mike McCarthy revealed his plans to keep his starters out for the final game of preseason. Dallas will finish their preseason against the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night. McCarthy intends to use practice to prepare his team for the regular season.

“Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said the team will work its starters as much as possible in padded practices this week. If all goes to plan, like first two exhibitions, starters won’t need work in Friday’s preseason finale versus Seahawks,” explained Dallas Morning News‘ Michael Gehlken.

Fans will be pleased to see the official plan for this week as they approach the regular season. It puts an end to fears about major injuries occurring before the season starts. While there is always the debate between rest and rust, McCarthy’s emphasis on full practices shows that his team will only get rest on game day.

A number of Cowboys players have suffered camp injuries. One example was Tyron Smith’s ankle injury during a practice. There are concerns about the health of most Dallas stars and clearly defined roles. It appears that the final preseason match will offer a chance to bench players and those who may be in danger of losing their jobs.

McCarthy’s Tuesday comments made it “official” that the Cowboys would rest their top players. However, they have been following this route all through the preseason. Dallas seems to be focusing on the regular season after a promising year last year, which was shattered by the San Francisco 49ers in playoffs. They are still looking for their first playoff win since 2018-19.

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