Mike McCarthy Makes His Thoughts On Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard Clear

Ezekiel Elliott was the Dallas Cowboys No. 1 running back. When he’s healthy. However, Tony Pollard, No. 2 running back, has made a huge impact on his snaps. Mike McCarthy, head coach, has been frequently questioned about who the true No. 1. Back is.

McCarthy wanted to clear up the running back situation going into Week 1. McCarthy stated that both running backs are No.1 McCarthy stated that both  can be an elite tandem.

“Oh I think they both hold their own,” McCarthy said, via ProFootballTalk. “I look at both of those guys as No. 1 runners, or however you want to categorize it. Tony can play. I think when you look at running backs — I know how I define them — (it’s about) their ability to play on all three downs, and Zeke and Tony both have that ability. Zeke’s done it his whole career. So I think they’re definitely a tandem and that’s obviously a focal point for us.”

The Cowboys were the No. 1 offense last year. The Cowboys were the NFL’s No. 1 offense last year, with Elliott and Pollard combining for over 1,000 yards of rushing. They combined for more than 1,700 yards of rushing and 12 touchdowns on ground.

Tony Pollard is not being paid like a No. 1 running back, at least not yet. Pollard will be free after the season and will enter his final year on his rookie contract.

It is unlikely that the Cowboys will pay Pollard’s elite running back money after the season, as they did Elliott a few years ago.

Elliott and Pollard may not be together again this year.

Will the Cowboys be the NFL’s top-ranked rushing team this year?

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