Mike McCarthy has message for the Cowboys amid team struggles

t’s been a trainwreck in Dallas and Mike McCarthy knows it.


At 36 points per game, the Cowboys have allowed 30 or more points in five straight games, including a 38-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.


Altogether, the Cowboys tied an NFL record on Monday for most consecutive games of allowing 34 or more points. The Cowboys have allowed 34 or more points to the Browns, Cardinals, Falcons, Giants, and Seahawks.


Somehow, the Cowboys are 2-5, so McCarthy has one message for the team as the Cowboys try to swerve the train back onto the tracks.


“Win the division games, you win the division,” McCarthy told ESPN’s Todd Archer. “Clearly that’s the way our division is set up where everybody is as far as their season and the number of wins and losses. This is probably going to come down to the division games like it normally is.”


According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, there is a 26% chance that the winner of the NFC East will have six or fewer wins. That means the Cowboys have to win at least four more games.


After that, the Cowboys have games with the Steelers, Vikings, Bengals, 49ers, Giants, Washington Football Team, and two games with the Eagles.


Realistically, that should happen given that at least three of those games are against last place teams. After that, everything is up in the air.

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