Mike McCarthy Has A Strong Message For Cowboys Players After Loss To The Raiders

After Thursday’s heartbreaking loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t feeling like they have major problems to fix.

The Cowboys’ coach Mike McCarthy shared his message to his team on Friday. While the Dallas front man is openly honest about the problems of his team, he doesn’t panic and believes that the Cowboys can still make deep playoff runs.

“There’s no blink in our team,” McCarthy said. “The confidence and the attitude after the game and the visits with the players today, it’s more disappointment and frustration. But the energy and excitement of who we are, we feel our best days are in front of us.”

Although the Cowboys lost to the Raiders for the third time, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, shared his thoughts with him when asked about the future direction of the team.

“You have to look forward. Yesterday is as dead as Napoleon. It’s gone,” Jones said. “And so we have to look at how to improve. The sky is not falling. When you look at the six games ahead that we have, the cavalry is coming. We’ve gotta take a deep breath and remember that this time of year is where you’re dealing with attrition. You’re normally dealing with a depleted situation in your personnel. Here we come with fresh legs.”

Despite McCarthy and Jones not making excuses, both were critical of the officiating after the loss.

On Thursday, the officiating crew called 28 penalties for each team. The Cowboys’ total penalty count was the most ever. Dallas Cowboys set a new record with 166 penalty yards. In 1970, the previous record stood at 161 yards against Washington.

McCarthy declared after the game, “Twenty-eight penalty.” “I don’t know what I should say. You can write whatever you like. It’s all up to me.

Jones invented a term that refers to games in which flags are thrown wildly, especially on deep passing plays. It is clear that Jones was heated as a Dallas Cowboys owner.

Jones called it “throw up ball” after Jones spoke out about the many pass interference calls that followed the loss. “This will arguably be the most-watched game other than the Super Bowl. I hate that it got down to just throwing the ball up and getting the penalties to get you big plays.”

There is reason to be optimistic for Dallas Cowboys fans. CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper, the star wide receivers, will be playing against the Saints on Thursday. This is yet another reason to encourage the team’s optimism after a disappointing Thanksgiving.

Defensive ends Randy Gregory (defensive end) and Demarcus Lawrence (defensive end) are set to both return from injury in a near future. This is terrifying considering that rookie Micah Parsons has been a top defender in the league.

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