Mike McCarthy fires back at Vic Fangio over game plan assessment

Mike McCarthy and his Dallas Cowboys team had no answers for Vic Fangio or the Denver Broncos this Week. However, the two coaches seem to have a solution to each other in terms of game plans.

Fangio spoke about his defensive strategy after Denver beat Dallas by 30-16 Sunday. He also discussed how the Cowboys were not played correctly.

Fangio stated after the game, “I just felt that we had the right stuff” We just need to do it right, call it right, which I am in charge of so that you know that it’s going to get taken care of. I felt okay about it. It’s a great feeling. They just haven’t been playing them right.”

Denver was leading 30-0 at one time, so they did something right. The Cowboys managed 290 yards of total offense, but didn’t score until quarter four. The Broncos were able to stop a Cowboys team averaging 454.9 yards per game.

McCarthy replied to the ex-Chicago Bears defensive coordinator’s Monday and challenged other teams with the same defensive strategy.

McCarthy stated, “This league is a copycat.” “I just told them, so get ready. I wish they would. Vic was very aggressive with us. It’s great to hear Vic beating his drum. Their linebacker depth was three yards. The safeties were up. You make their corners tackle in that situation. They were aggressive. They were determined to win. You want it from the other team, I believe.”

The Cowboys were considered a possible Super Bowl contender in this year’s Super Bowl, and their loss to Denver was a significant setback — especially at home.

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