Mike McCarthy fires back at the media after win vs Washington

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, took exception to a question at Sunday’s postgame conference. He criticized the media for its story on the 27-20 victory over Washington Football Team. Although the Cowboys led 24-0 at the half, they were outscored 20-3 in the second half. The defense forced a late fumble which ended the game and allowed the offense to win the remaining time.

A reporter asked Mike McCarthy after the game about the Cowboys’ inability to close the game.setting off a rant against the media narratives

“That’s your narrative,” McCarthy stated via The Athletic’s Jon Machota. “This is not fantasy football. Although I would have liked for the game to have been more open in the second half, it was still a great team win. It was a great win for the team.”

With the win, the Cowboys improved to 9-4 and Washington fell below.500 at 6-6. With four remaining games, Dallas holds a lead of three games over the NFC East’s Philadelphia Eagles or Washington Football Team.

The rivalry between Washington Football Team and Dallas Cowboys is now well-known. The two teams have taken shots back-and-forth at each other all week and the Cowboys continue to play Washington down into gameday.

Road teams in the NFL typically use the benches provided by their home team. The Cowboys didn’t want that for their weekend at FedEx Field. The Cowboys chose to fly in their own sideline benches and put their logo on them, instead of the ones Washington provided.

Mitchell Tischler from NBC Sports Washington said that this is the first time an opposing team has brought their sideline benches to FedEx field.

ESPN’s Todd Archer reported on the Cowboys being informed by Washington that the heaters kept going out, and that they were able to bring their own.

Archer tweeted, “Here’s the deal about the Cowboys benches today: Cowboys received word from Seattle that their hot seat benches at FedEx Field continued to go out during the match,” “Cowboys have partnered with a company in Cleveland to ship them to FedEx Field. This would not be an issue today.”

The Cowboys’ head coach Mike McCarthy was the focus of headlines earlier this week for comments that essentially guaranteed a victory over Washington. Ron Rivera, Washington’s head coach, responded by saying that he believed McCarthy’s comment was a “big mistake.”

“You do it for a few reasons. 1. You want to get into our heads. Rivera spoke out about McCarthy’s promise of a Cowboys victory over Washington. “He’s made it all about himself. It’s a huge mistake.


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